30 Snow Day Activities for Kids

Fun kids activities for snow day fun

As the snow starts to fall, you may be wondering what you will do with your kids for the next 48 hours. Yes, school is cancelled. Yes, there is a blizzard coming to town. You have the food, hot cocoa and snow pants ready to go. Now what to do for the other 47 hours? […]

Monday Meal Plan Jan 26th

Monday meal plan to help organize family dinner

As the snow apocalypse is upon us, I wonder if meal planning will be in vain this week. Will we have power? No school? After braving the grocery store today and witnessing empty shelves, I can say we can tuck ourselves in for the week and not go hungry. Just keep the power on please, […]

How to Tackle Your Creative Stash of Stuff

how to tackle your creative stash

The new year brought about a renewed awareness¬†of “stuff” in our house. Do we need it? Do we love it? Does it add value to our everyday life? As I sorted and purged through the nooks and crannies in our house, I was able to make a quick decision on most items. (Especially after reading […]

Monday Meal Plan Jan 19th

Monday meal plan to help organize family dinner

I hope the long weekend has afforded every some time to rest and relax with family today. On the meal plan this week we are adding in more meatless meals, and yes, my husband is on board. It’s one of our family goals for 2015 to eat less meat. We know it’s healthier, economical and […]

5 Ingredients to Try in your next Smoothie

Try 5 new ingredients in your smoothie

It’s easy to make the same smoothie once you find a favorite recipe. I have a go-to green smoothie that the whole family loves, but we are ready to get creative again. So many magazines this month are talking about the health benefits of smoothies I thought it would be fun to highlight a couple […]

Dinner Meal Plan January week 2

Monday meal plan to help organize family dinner

Old man winter arrived this week so the dinner plans include lots of comforting and hearty meals. I’m excited to test out a couple of new recipes, including a fast way¬†to roast a whole chicken. Last week’s meal plan highlights were the pork ragu (so yummy!) and the impromptu Autumn Chopped Salad we threw together […]

The Most Surprising Organizing Book You Will Ever Read

Simple Rules for Toy Storage-free printable

The new year always brings about an organizing fever to many homes, mine included. Over the past few years, we have tackled small organizing projects, which often included buying new storage units for all of our stuff. This year I read the book, Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD. It was life changing and maybe […]