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Emily Roach is a green, Boston area mom trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. She loves the beach, cooking, crafting, blogging, shopping and teaching her young children to appreciate the simple things in the world around us.

Welcome to Random Recycling, my place to share ideas about green living for modern families. I understand that there are different levels of “green” for every family. You need to make it work for you and I try to offer practical solutions that will appeal to a wide audience. I have a wonderful husband I love to cook for and two happy toddlers, ages 4 and 2. We will be welcoming baby #3 to the family in early summer.

I became a mom in 2009 and my world changed. My decisions didn’t just affect me any more. Suddenly I was reading about organic foods, eco-friendly cleaning products, cloth diapers, BPA-free baby bottles, and so on. It was confusing and overwhelming.

I started writing the blog to help other parents start making greener steps without the headache of doing all the research. Testing out new green products and healthy foods is one of my favorite perks of being a blogger. Random Recycling is a PR friendly blog. I have young children who help me test out the latest and greatest green toys, products, food and more. All products submitted for review must be family-friendly in nature.

This is one of my favorite review posts, a reusable squeeze pouch. I bought it, loved it, and shared it with my readers. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I have all of the recipes pulled together here. Every Sunday evening, I share our meal plan for the week. All of the prior meal plans can be viewed for inspiration here.

I also co-manage a community blog Parent Talk Matters, which is for my local parent organization, serving over 500 families. My playgroup of 50 moms of three and four year olds helps keep me grounded and is a great sounding board when I test out new products.

I’m a member of Boston Parent Bloggers. You can find my interview here.

I love to hear your stories in comments and learn so much from them.

Please email me at randomrecycling{at}gmail.com for additional information or questions.


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About Emily Roach

Green Boston mom of three young children. Focused on family nutrition, wholesome recipes, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.