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Guide to Celebrate Earth Hour

Different countries choose to celebrate the day in their way based on the environmental issues at hand. The only uniform action to mark the day is to switch off the lights at a specified time as a call for action to save the environment.

What the Recycling Symbol Really Means

The recycling symbol is a system of three arrows twisted into a triangle, with each arrowhead following the tail of the next in close succession. The three arrows in the logo represent the three consecutive stages involved in recycling.

Benefits of Using a Bicycle and What it Does to the Environment

Cycling is an enjoyable form of exercise. You can ride your bicycle to build muscles, burn fat, strengthen your legs, increase your endurance, and keep your blood pressure low.

How you can Help on Saving the Environment

The environment is one of the most precious things in our world. If we don’t work together to try and save it, who will? It’s not easy to make a difference on your own, but you can do many simple things that will help out tremendously. 

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Top Modern Green Living Ideas

As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing global concern, it’s never been more important to live a sustainable lifestyle. There are a range of modern green living options that can help you reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing much in terms of comfort or convenience.