Benefits of Using a Bicycle and What it Does to the Environment

Cycling has many benefits, from health benefits, social, economic, environmental, and personal benefits. It is an excellent form of exercise and a means of transportation.

How does cycling benefit you and the environment?



Cycle to Better Health

Cycling is an enjoyable form of exercise. You can ride your bicycle to build muscles, burn fat, strengthen your legs, increase your endurance, and keep your blood pressure low. Like any other form of exercise, cycling keeps your mind off things that might be stressing you at home and work, reduces anxiety, and enhances your mood. After a tiring ride, your blood flows smoothly, and you can sleep better. This promotes both your brain and heart health. If you cycle a few miles every day, you might live longer as you reduce your risk of contracting lifestyle-related illnesses.



Reduce Air Pollution, Save the Environment

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that cars today are 99 percent cleaner than they were in the 1960s. The problem is, there are more cars today than there were in the 60s and the level of pollution has not reduced. With an increased number of vehicles comes the increased use of gasoline, a non-renewable resource.

Cycling does not require gasoline and therefore does not emit any harmful gases or smog as cars do. Using a bike instead of your car will reduce your carbon footprint if you work a few kilometers from where you live. Cycling makes no noise, and you do not need anti-freeze or any other fluids that cars need. Most of these fluids find their way into water bodies, and the containers they come in end up in landfills.



Save Money When You Cycle

It is cheaper to cycle than to drive to work. A bicycle does not require gasoline, insurance, car payments, or expensive routine maintenance. You also do not need to pay for parking fees and no need for a garage.

If you are only traveling for a short distance, a bike is better as you do not have to contend with traffic congestion. Other costs you will avoid include reduced gym membership costs and decreased medical bills. Road wear and tear reduces when more people cycle.

As you cycle to work, you learn new routes to avoid traffic. Cycling is a great way to navigate in town and a way to explore new places.


Personal Benefits

You can ride with other family members or join biking associations in your area. If there are people in your area who ride, you can join them and make new friends.

Many bikers claim to find inner peace when they cycle, especially along quiet forest trails. It is during riding that you reflect on your life and the challenges you are facing at work and home.

If you are in sports, say basketball, cycling improves your muscle strength and makes you less prone to injuries. You will enjoy improved endurance and get better at sports. If you are good with your bike, you can compete in the world cycling competitions; who knows, you might scoop gold.