A Guide to Celebrate Earth Hour

The planet earth is under threat as a result of human activities. The World Wide Fund (WWF) set aside the last Saturday of March as a day people take action on conservation activities, which include environmental issues. Many organizations took the initiative to celebrate the day and devise a theme for the day for global outreach. Different countries choose to celebrate the day in their way based on the environmental issues at hand. The only uniform action to mark the day is to switch off the lights at a specified time as a call for action to save the environment.


Why focus on climate change and environmental conservation?


  • Protect nature
  • Get sustainable solutions to environmental challenges
  • Designs eco-friendly ways to save the environment
  • Prevent pressure on the environment through recycling
  • Ecological awareness on the effects of industrial civilization

 With the valid reasons on the importance of day to environmentalist; here are a few tips to make the day memorable


  1. Show solidarity

It’s a world’s environmental day; your focus is to save the planet- earth. Do you show solidarity even in the usage of the kits used for the day? For example, if the theme talks about reducing plastic usage, do you also have plastic bottles as you take a charity walk? You can’t preach water and drink wine. You have to lead by example. It all starts with you. Anything you do on this day must be in line with saving Mother Nature.

 It includes waste disposal and management, among others. If you are talking about recycling, do you have any recycled products to show it’s a doable thing, or are you talking about imaginable things?


  1. Engage all stakeholders

The success of this day depends on a total member/stakeholder involvement. Relevant stakeholders come in handy to offer material, financial, and emotional support. Some of them are influential companies or individuals that create an impact on the theme of the day. Who are the stakeholders?


  • Environmental organizations
  • Community
  • Industry players
  • Recycling companies
  • The government through the environmental department
  • State council
  • Individuals

 Each stakeholder plays a part in the dissemination of information on the best environmental practices vital in ecological conservation.


  1. Include environmental activities

It’s your day celebrated globally; make good use of it. The impact defines a change in attitude among stakeholders on the need to save the planet.

 Make an impact through environmental activities. Let people recognize a tree planted on this day. It should be a legacy even to future generations as a symbol to mark this day. It sticks in people’s memory. The best activities for this day include


  • Tree planting
  • Collection of plastic waste
  • Demonstration on proper waste disposal
  • Distribution of eco-friendly solutions
  • Capacity building on the need to keep the environment safe and secure
  • Environmental walk


  1. Organize an environmental walk

Do you know you can do all the planning and advertisement, but still, don’t understand the theme of the day?

 An excellent way to create awareness is to start the day with a charity walk. Seek permission with the relevant authorities on this to ensure you are in line with the law. An environmental step is memorable.

 It attracts people to take part, especially when there are incentives. Even if there is none, some people are passionate about the environment that they can go the extra mile to make the day successful.


  1. Showcase energy-saving appliances

Let the talk have a touch of practicality in it. As you tell people to opt for energy-saving appliances or change to eco-friendly solutions, do you have examples?

 If there is a day you can reach millions of people directly or indirectly is the earth hour. People look forward to it, for they know they will get affordable and durable eco-friendly products. People save for it. Invite as many industry players as possible; you might be overwhelmed by the number of vested interests.


  1. Organize for an exhibition

As people enjoy the day, allow the entrepreneurs also to make a kill through their products. It’s the only moment they have a chance to explain the fine details on the production of the solutions. Moreover, it acts as a funding opportunity to finance the activities of the day. The exhibition is a marketing strategy for this day, otherwise what makes people flock such a day when they have no idea of what earth hour is all about? Some of the reasons an exhibition is a must-have activity in on earth hour


  • Provides a chance to socialize
  • Creates awareness about a brand
  • Offers the opportunity to close deals from leads
  • Educates the public about environmental management
  • The best and affordable marketing tool


  1. Put up an entertainment spot

As much as this is an ecological day, entertainment must be part of the activities. It increases the number of participants. It’s a family day out as much as people come to learn about the environment. It’s a family bonding time. Some come with their children, how do you accommodate the short attention span of the kids?

 You have all it takes to have an auspicious earth hour. The critical item is to plan and communicate with the stakeholders early enough to avoid last-minute rushes, which has a lot of disappointments.