How Beauty Parlour Attendants Can Advocate for Green Living

In simple terms, green living is a lifestyle where you make fair use of natural resources with minimal dependant on artificial ones.

Green living is an individual’s decision as much as the government also plays its part. When the government is taking a leading role in it, then it means either the public is not informed, or they have become adamant in following the rules.

The beauty attendants aren’t left our either when it comes to saving the planet through green living practices. They can be an advocate for them.


Why should we save the environment?

  • Reduce the number of greenhouse emissions
  • Decrease the adverse effect of climate change
  • Minimize pollution on the earth
  • Prevent chronic illnesses like cancer that are caused by exposure of the dangerous gasesLessen the effect of global warming
  • Maintain the natural state of the environment
  • Trim down the pressure on natural resources

The role of beauty attendants in advocating for green living practices


Exercise energy-saving practices

The water heater you leave on means you are putting unnecessary pressure on the renewable energy source- in most cases, it’s natural.

Therefore when you are in the beauty parlour, ensure you switch off all electronic appliances that are not in use.

It’s not only to save in cost but also to save on the energy you use to serve more and more people.

Imagine if every household would live their gadgets on, it explains why at times we have power rationing in areas where this resource is scarce.

When going to the market for electronic appliances, look for gadgets that are also budget-friendly and also energy efficient.

Even if is the espresso machine in your parlour for a constant supply of coffee, go for budget options from Emerging Pictures which guarantee you safety and energy efficiency and maintenance.

Proper waste disposal

Plastic in inevitable in any beauty parlour since most of the products are packaged in plastics; where possible ensure you have a safe disposal measure such that they don’t find themselves in the environment to emit toxic gases.

Remember they are biodegradable and that shows that they can’t rot. In that case, if you can’t recycle then follow government directive on proper waste disposal to ensure they are safe and sound to the environment.


Saying no to beauty products that compromise the environment

The beauty products in the market thrive because there is someone who buys them. When they lack the market, then they have no option but to bow down and go for what the market demands.

If you love the planet earth, then it’s time to say “no” to products that you are sure compromises environmental conservation measures. That is what we call economic sabotage.

If you are sure a beauty product is responsible for cutting down of trees, make it a duty; however, excellent the product may be; not to stock at all cost. That is the reason paper mails were abandoned when they noticed it was a threat to the environment. It takes you and not the community to do this to success. Although public sensitization and awareness come in handy to achieve this; all in all, it’s doable.

Recycle as much as possible

Most of the companies understand the need for recycling for it also saves on production cost. As a beauty attendant, why not recycle non-degradable products as a way to reduce their effect on the environment.

Besides, you can also dispose of them safely for recycling companies to come and pick them and do the necessary. That is the reason why you have many disposal bags which separates the degradable and non-degradable for safe disposal.

Engage in conferences that preach climate change and environmental-friendly strategies. The reason we have conferences and seminars is to call like-minded individuals and stakeholders to a roundtable for a discussion.

The conferences brainstorm on issues that ensure that climate change issues are dealt with accordingly.
It is in these forums that people run a SWOT analysis and come up with ideas on what to do when it comes to climate change issues.

Involve in clean community ups

Now that they are the front liners in the use of waste disposals, then it’s essential to be part of community cleanup activities.

It is a way of being part of the movement to ensure the environment is safe for all. During cleanups, you tend to run other programs which sensitize the public on the matter of environmental friendliness.

Water conservation strategies

Water is a natural resource that needs to be well taken care of. No beauty parlour lacks water, but that doesn’t mean you need to waste it. Just like the energy the moment you misuse water know very well there is no difference between you and someone who manually destroys the water resource. It’s because it puts pressure on the natural resources that have an effect on the environment like destabilizing the hydrological cycle.

As much as beauty attendants fell that they may not directly be part of the movement; their presence in the forums, as well as the above-discussed strategies, play a significant role in advocating for green living practices.