Recycling Tips for a Busy Millennial

Recycling saves the environment for future generations. But, do you have the time to recycle in your busy schedule? If recycling is the last thing in your mind and your schedule, you are not alone. Millennials all over the world are more conscious of the environment than the older generation. Surprisingly, millennials do a lot less than the older generation as the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries observes.

Even with a million things on your schedule, you still need to find a way to recycle. Recycling doesn’t have to be complicated. Actually, with a plan, it doesn’t even have to take more time than it takes to take out the trash. Below are five simple ways to recycle better.


Recycle with the Local Waste Management Services


All you need to do is sort your waste as the city stipulates to recycle with the city’s waste management services. You need to check when the waste collectors pass by your area so you can have your waste ready by the time they show up. Besides recycling, you need to get rid of household hazardous waste appropriately. Note that when you recycle items such as paper and plastics, you produce less air pollution.


Choose a Designated Recycling Area

You need to create a recycling system that fits in your schedule and works succinctly for your home. For instance, if you have a garage, you can set one side of it to be a recycling center. You can also have small recycling bins near the main wastebasket, so it doesn’t take time to take the waste out.


Learn What You Can About Recycling

Not everything can be recycled. Most plastics are not recyclable. You can learn about recycling from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website or talking to your city’s waste management services personnel. Make a list of the items you can recycle and those you cannot and let you kids see the list. When everyone in your house understands recycling, it takes less time to recycle.


Set Reminders to Take Your Recycled Waste Out

With your busy schedule, you might not remember to take your waste out. Why not set a reminder for the recycling day? The remainder should go off on the day before recycling day so you can take the trash to the curb.



Make Wise Purchases

You need to buy more products with containers you can recycle at home. Recyclable products will save the environment more.


Recycle Food Waste in your Backyard

If you have a kitchen garden, it is easy to recycle food wastes. You only need a composter in your backyard where you can put all the food waste. In some cities, you will get a composter at discounted prices at your local garden center. Some cities accept green waste and recycle with them; these include vegetables, leaves, grass, sawdust, trees, untreated wood, and weeds.

In conclusion, you need to remind yourself of the reason you must make time to recycle. You will save the environment for the generation today and generations to come. You also make the environment around you slightly.